Sine Die, 2012.




Sine Die: Marquee, single channel video loop, 00:03:30, 2012.


Taking the form of a temporary window display at Incident Report Viewing Station, located in Hudson, NY Sine Die advances the willful perversion of the artist in claiming authority of King Gillette’s voice. Fractured material remnants (print, object, ephemera, video, monologue, diatribe) from the project ‘Worldshaving’ are herein indiscriminately splayed alongside objects and icons from other past and unrealized projects―including Earth│Man│Earth which revolves around a hypothesized necropolitan utopia situated in the bogs of the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark (whose climatic conditions are known for their ability to preserve human remains with near-perfect fidelity for millennia)―and collected under the signature: ‘Yours Truly, King C. Gillette’. These projects are united in diagrammatic and iconographic form― utilizing various hermeneutic ploys―defining subjecthood through deferred gestures; evaporating into a cloud of symbol, allegory, and message.



Sine Die, installation at Incident Report Viewing Station, 2012.











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